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NFS World: патч 5.03

Очередной 400-мегабайтный патч, вносящий некоторые новшества и исправляющий массу ошибок.



    - Новогодний Мир: все локации украшены в честь Нового Года.
    - "SHIFT” Edition Audi R8 доступна для покупки в магазине WebStore.
    - Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec [R34] с обложки Need for Speed™ Underground доступен для аренды.

многочисленные исправления багоглюков, из которых наиболее существенным можно назвать улучшение ИИ трафика.
    - Fixed some bugs that were causing crashes during specific events.
    - Players will no longer receive the error "Shopping cart purchase failed” when trying to save valid changes in the Paint Shop.
    - The Nitrous powerup will now grant a minor boost of speed even if players are already at their car’s top speed.
    - Players are now informed that Race Now has been cancelled after entering and exiting the Options menu while searching for opponents.
    - HTML code has been disabled in the in-game chat to resolve an issue where the chat would become ‘stuck’ after entering certain symbols.
    - Fixed an issue where players were returned to free roam after Lobby countdown reached zero.
    - Lower level events now appear smaller and fade out as players level up.
    - Race icons are no longer visible during a race. In addition, the finish line is no longer visible once the race is over.
    - Repair button will no longer deduct additional cash if pressed again while the ‘Please wait’ message is displayed.
    - Users should no longer be shown incorrect Rep / Cash reward values on the post-race screen.
    - Fixed an issue where selecting ‘Ready’ in the Pre-Race screen was affecting other players’ ready lights.
    - HUD no longer appears in screenshots taken with the Snapshot button in MeetingPlace events.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing powerup icons to appear blurry on certain settings.
    - Tutorials no longer appear twice after switching to Windowed mode.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing the powerup HUD to disappear after skipping the tutorials.
    - News Feed will no longer close when the player scrolls to the bottom.
    - Selecting the boost store immediately after completing a race will no longer cause the HUD to disappear.
    - Fixed an issue on the ‘Stadium & HWY 99’ event where players would crash into an overpass when racing at very high speeds.
    - Players will no longer see the ‘Invite to Race’ option in the context menu after cancelling a Private Match.
    - The ‘Finding Opponents’ text is no longer editable.
    - The ‘Shield’ powerup visual effect no longer sticks to the ground if it used while under the effect of a ‘Traffic Magnet’ powerup.
    - Fixed an issue where the incorrect colour value (HSV) was displayed in the Paint Shop after switching between paintable sections.
    - The number ‘1’ vinyl has been re-added to the list of available vinyls (under ‘Total’).
    - Clicking on an occupied powerup slot in the Powerup Console now empties that slot.
    - Pursuit Length no longer includes time spent in tutorial pop-ups.
    - DNF statistic is now shown as a number (instead of a %) throughout the game.
    - An issue causing the Audio settings to revert back to previous settings after restarting has been resolved.
    - Screenshots taken on the post-event screen are now properly saved in the Screenshots folder.
    - A speed-bump in the Rosewood Bus Terminal that was causing problems with car physics has been fixed.
    - Resolved a number of ‘pop-in’ bugs where buildings, signs, and terrain were appearing/disappearing suddenly.
    - Fixed a number of areas where users could clip or fall through the world.
    - Race markers should no longer appear floating in the air, or buried under the ground.
    - Removed a few stray Pumpkins left over from Halloween.
    - Fixed a large number of additional world art issues including: flickering geometry, clipping issues, missing textures and floating objects.
    - Sound FX from other players’ cars should no longer cut out as suddenly as they drive away.
    - A few missing Sound FX have been added.
    - Minor Traffic AI Improvements have been made.
    - Additional minor / localization fixes.
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3 GMSxGARA   [Материал]
Ага з шипами нто прогон ппс. Летиш сибе на всех парах а тут тибе Звучок как будто на поезд пересел)))

2 GFSxCastiel   [Материал]
И одиноко лежащие шипы на дороге.......тоже так и не исправили........(

1 GMSxGTR   [Материал]
Во скоко ошибок было, почитал через переводчик Google.
Но одно так и не исправили пропадание дороги

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